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Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents involving both drivers and pedestrians, especially children. Most of the time these accidents are preventable by increasing the awareness of the driver with safety devices designed to greatly reduce driver inattentiveness. Mobile Electronics USA is a leader in the recommendation and installation of driver safety devices. Let us show you just how much safer we can make your time behind the wheel.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Functionality

In Illinois it’s against the law to have your smartphone in hand while operating the vehicle. The interior cabin noise makes the phone’s built-in speaker too cumbersome for a conversation, let alone if voice dialing is even an option. Your hands should be off the phone altogether, both for the legality and for the importance of driver safety. Let our experts at Mobile Electronics USA show you a more integrated Bluetooth hands-free in-vehicle solution that leaves your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.Many of our Bluetooth products support voice dialing, access to your phone’s contact list (including incoming Caller ID) and A2DP audio streaming for music or internet radio apps. We have many choices for adding Bluetooth Hands-Free functionality to your vehicle:
  • A New In-Dash Stereo – Choose from one of many in-dash stereos we offer that include Bluetooth Hands-Free functionality along with many other features like LCD touch screens, preamp outputs for audio system upgrades and GPS navigation.
  • Stand-Alone Hands-Free Kit – Whether you wish to add to your existing factory or aftermarket car stereo, we can install a stand-alone Bluetooth hands-free kit that allows you to hear the conversation through your car’s existing speakers. We add a dedicated microphone and answer/end button control panel, some of which include a color LCD screen to enhance visibility of call information.
  • Integration With Factory LCD Screen – Where Bluetooth was not included as an option in your specific make/model and trim level, we can often add the feature – particularly in vehicles that already possess an LCD screen in the dashboard. Operation of the Hands-Free system uses factory buttons and/or on-screen controls. If steering wheel buttons are available, those can function as well.

Reverse Cameras and Sensors

Having situational awareness of what’s behind your vehicle can mean the difference between life and death. According to, 50 children per week are involved in accidental back over accidents (two of which are fatal) and the majority have a family member behind the wheel. With reverse cameras and sensor systems from Mobile Electronics USA, this unnecessary tragedy is highly avoidable.We offer several choices for reverse awareness aids:
  • Universal Reverse Camera – These are models intended to fit any vehicle regardless of year, make or model. Whether it’s an SUV or a classic muscle car, we’ve got cameras that fit the vehicle style you have. Surface mount, flush mount or even license plate frame cameras are all available.
  • Factory-Fit Reverse Camera – These cameras are intended to fit in locations where the factory-optioned camera installs, only your vehicle may not have come with that option. We can add it. Whether a sports car, hybrid/electric, luxury car, SUV or truck with a tailgate, we have factory-style reverse cameras that you’ll swear came with the car as a factory option.
  • 360 Degree Cameras – The latest technology in safety camera systems is an all-around multi-camera view called 360 degree viewing. It’s actually four separate cameras with an advanced image processing system that lets the driver have a complete view around the vehicle. More than ideal for safety purposes, this is also useful for low approach vehicles to avoid hitting parking curbs and damaging front end bodywork, for street parking concerns where ‘curbing’ expensive wheels is eminent and even for lifted trucks to see the painted lines in a parking spot. Of course these also provide exceptional awareness for safety, which makes them ideal for an all-encompassing safety device.
  • Reverse Sensors – These systems provide an audible indicator of proximity to an obstacle by signal sent from ultrasonic sensors embedded into the vehicle’s rear bumper fascia. We offer several options for a factory-look finish quality and, when combined with a reverse camera, it’s the ultimate audible and visual reverse warning system.
As far as viewing a reverse camera image, it’s dependent on what you have available or we can install in your vehicle. Popular choices include:
  • View the reverse image on an in-dash multimedia stereo
  • View the reverse image on a factory-installed LCD screen
  • View the reverse image on a rear view mirror with integrated LCD screen
  • View the reverse image on a stand-alone LCD screen, dash or windshield mounted
We can help you determine the best combination of reverse camera, sensors and screen to fit your vehicle and your needs. Just let us show you the way.

Other Driver Safety Systems

We also offer a number of other electronic safety measures to help your vehicle stay safe and keep your attention on the road.
  • Blind Spot Warning Detector – These systems are intended to warn of drivers or motorcycle riders in your blind spots on either side of the vehicle. The blind spot is where side view and rear view mirror coverages do not coverage. The Blind Spot Warning systems use similar ultrasonic technology to the reverse sensor systems, but only become active over a specified low speed threshold so that you don’t have false warnings from objects in close proximity or automated doors while driving through store parking lots.
  • Forward Collision/Lane Departure Warning System – Also known as a FCW/LDW system, these are intended to keep the vehicle from drifting out of the lane or hitting obstacles forward of the vehicle (rear ending another car in traffic, hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist, etc.).
  • Dash DVR Camera – This mounts to the windshield or dashboard and provides a method to recording the forward view of your driving experience. Ideal for multi-driver families with elderly or young drivers, businesses with delivery or errand running duties and driving that occurs in traffic-laden areas where collisions from other inattentive drivers on the road are probable. The DVR function stores recorded data so that you’re able to easily document your experience to insurance companies, law enforcement or any other burden of proof.
Whatever your driver safety needs, we have many choices to fit your vehicle and lifestyle so that all you need to do is focus on the road.

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