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Mobile Electronics USA offers the leading automotive speed detection warning systems in both radar and laser technologies. These systems offer drivers a thoughtful reminder whenever they approach law enforcement-based speed enforcement measures so that, in addition to avoiding costly tickets and insurance fee increases, you are ultimately prompted to adjust to safer speeds. This makes a radar or laser speed detector installed by our expert technicians an excellent driver safety tool.

Radar Detector Technology

These days the technology behind radar-based speed detection warning is incredibly refined. Where many early users of radar detectors may have endured the false warning beeps from other electronics in the radar frequency range (such as automated entry doors in supermarkets), today’s radar detectors are considerably smarter and effective. Some of the features include:
  • Multi-band Radar Coverage – This is especially important for Chicagoland drivers who cross county and state lines where law enforcement use different radar band speed detection equipment. The majority of our radar detectors cover every band used in the US and even some European bands. This helps ensure that no matter the equipment law enforcement uses, you’ve got the ability to be warned of its use.
  • GPS-based speed and position awareness – using an integrated GPS receiver, many radar detectors can accurately determine your own speed to filter out false warnings at low speeds or provide real-time speed warnings when road signage fails to indicate a speed change. Other GPS-based location features allow the radar detector to ‘learn’ speed traps and other important locations important for the driver’s recognition.
  • Visual and Audible Warning Choices – Most of our radar detectors offer user-configurable settings to suit the types and frequency of warnings to your driving style and regional location. This means interstate drivers may have different settings that in-town drivers with many stoplights or low-speed roads. Whatever the situation, the point of the radar detector is to provide ample warning for you to recognize and adjust your driving speed to avoid safety concerns and speeding tickets.
We offer both dash-mount and hidden (custom installed) radar detector systems. While the dash-mounted versions have incredibly well-engineered technology, the ultimate radar-based automotive speed detection warning systems are custom installed. The custom installation allows our highly experienced technicians to position front and rear sensors that are completely hidden from view, which is highly desirable for owners of luxury, exotic and custom vehicles. In addition, custom installation also allows our technicians to place the interior-mounted display and/or controller components into locations that blend well with the vehicle’s interior design. These can be hidden or placed where the access and line of sight is optimized. The programmable features of audible and visual warnings let the user fine tune how they wish to experience the warnings

Laser Detection Technology

While radar speed detection is broadly deployed by law enforcement, newer laser-based technology is utilized in many counties and states with the intent of it being more defensible in court. The technology relies on a fixed laser locking on to a surface of the vehicle (such as a front license plate or bumper fascia) and can be utilized from a greater distance than radar, but the laser must ‘lock in’ precisely for a short time to provide an accurate and defensible reading. This is where adding laser capability to your automotive speed detection warning system can decrease your exposure to the surprise encounter with laser speed detection utilized by law enforcement.Laser-based defenses have two components for automotive applications; detection and diffusion. The detection is much like radar with audible and visual warnings. Many systems will differentiate the laser with a different sound or color of lighting on the display. Diffusion adds the measure of spreading that tiny laser beam across a broader surface area, thereby making it more difficult for law enforcement to lock in to your vehicle in that short window of time. If traveling in a group of vehicles, it’s much easier for the officer to simply position the laser toward another vehicle rather than remain trying to lock in to yours.Similar to our radar detector choices, laser capabilities are available in our dash-mounted models and, especially with the addition of front and rear laser diffusers, most effective on our custom installed models.

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