Remote Starters and Vehicle Security

MEUSA-RSPeace-of-Mind with Added Convenience

At Mobile Electronics USA we are experts in securing your vehicle and its valuables, as well as in the addition of value-added convenience features such as remote car starting for those cold winter days. We understand the complexities of vehicle electrical systems and our expert technicians install vehicle security and remote car starters with such finesse, it’s hard to tell where the factory left off and our technicians enhanced the vehicle’s security and functionality.

Vehicle Security, not “Car Alarms”

We take a uniquely professional approach to securing your vehicle, both the vehicle itself and its valuables stored inside. If your vehicle has a keychain remote that locks and unlocks the doors, releases the trunk, etc. this does not mean the vehicle has a comprehensive security system. It may honk the horn, but it’s hardly the kind of comprehensive protection you need. Rest assured, all of the functionality contained in your factory remote (door locking/unlocking, trunk release, etc.) is retained with your new vehicle security remote when we install our vehicle security solutions. The benefit of our keychain remotes is vastly extended range, up to a mile in ideal conditions. Let us show you what real vehicle security includes.We can provide excellent assessment and recommendations for your unique vehicle security concerns. Where other companies may install a “car alarm” that simply makes noise (and often not always at the right times), our expert installation technicians approach your vehicle’s security needs with thwarting theft in mind. We first try to keep the theft attempt from ever happening, but we also make success from any theft attempt very difficult and improbable. For instance, all of our vehicle security systems include a self-contained backup battery siren that continues sounding even if a thief disables the vehicle battery. Thieves just move along to other, less secure vehicles. This is why our vehicle security system installations are not just a “car alarm” easily disabled or ignored by thieves. It’s what provides you peace-of-mind and a measurable defense against theft.Other important components of the vehicle security system include points of entry and application-specific sensors. For the points of entry, we ensure every door, hatch/trunk, hood and other hinged opening has physical trigger for the security system if opened while armed. Additionally, hard to protect items like sliding truck rear windows, truck tool boxes or detachable roof racks are all items we can protect as a point of entry. For broader coverage there are sensors for specific applications that are intended to protect the vehicle, sometimes before an unauthorized entry would even take place. Sensors for impact, motion (such as jacking up the vehicle), spatial movement (for convertible or sunroof vehicles), seat pressure and many other applications are all expertly installed and calibrated by our experienced vehicle security technicians. Your vehicle security needs are personalized so that you truly have peace-of-mind.

Remote Starters

With the cold Chicagoland winters and often humid, muggy summer months, it’s a welcomed convenience to remotely start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office. We are experts in remote car starter installations, including in the latest makes and models with complex ignition and ‘smart key’ features. Our highly experienced team of installation technicians expertly install hundreds of remote car starters every year, so we see all makes and models of vehicles – even right from the showroom floor. Whatever you drive, we can improve your comfort and convenience with a remote car starter enhancement.Our remote car starters offer many choices in control and, depending on your vehicle and current options, you may be surprised to find out we can upgrade your experience no matter what you may currently have. Our control options range from adding the functionality of remote starting to your vehicle’s factory key fob remote to our own extended-range control options that include high frequency RF 1-way and 2-way keychain remotes as well as apps for your smartphone that’ll allow control from anywhere in the world where your phone (and vehicle) have signal. Our remote car starters truly offer an enhancement at every level.Expand your remote car starter with additional features like GPS tracking, remote keyless entry and vehicle security packages. We can combine the remote starting capability with just about any combination of other remotely controlled or monitored features you could imagine. Stop in and let our expert team evaluate your vehicle and present some of our thoughtfully conceived remote car starter enhancement packages.

Factory Warranty Preserved

Nothing we install will outright void or affect your vehicle’s factory warranty. This is a concern our customers sometimes express because they’ve been told by a car dealership that this is the case, but it’s untrue. In fact, it’s illegal to do so.The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 expressly prohibits a car dealer manufacturer from voiding a consumer warranty simply because they’ve had other services or aftermarket equipment added to their vehicle by a service provider other than the car dealership. To attempt to void a warranty solely on this basis is illegal and the US Federal Trade Commission says so. Thus, we want our clients to know that we make every effort to install our equipment to workmanship standards that not only meet, but often exceed the factory’s standards. In this way, we create truly integrated features and functionality that provide trouble-free operation so you have added confidence in your purchases with us.

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