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Enjoy turn-by-turn directions throughout the United States and Canada with an in-dash navigation system installed by our experts at Mobile Electronics USA. Experience the feature of millions of Points of Interest (POIs) along with detailed route planning that allows you to optimize the way you get to your destination, including managing multiple destinations with the most efficient suggested routes. If you are upgrading your vehicles in-dash stereo, consider one with on-board navigation to add the technology of GPS location and detailed route planning to your dashboard.

Familiar User Interfaces

At Mobile Electronics USA, we only offer the top brands of in-dash navigation and those brands have partnered with leading map and GPS navigation service providers like Garmin and Tom Tom to ensure a trouble-free and familiar user experience. If you’ve used portable navigation devices in the past, you’ll find the in-dash navigation operation to be very intuitive and accurate with spoken and on-screen directions. The whole idea is to increase your focus on the road while ensuring a safe route to your destination. By combining the navigation functionality with our multimedia in-dash stereos, we are able to provide excellent screen views in both darkness and direct sunlight, all conditions where seeing your route is highly important to your safety.

No Added Costs

An in-dash navigation system comes ready to use upon professional installation by our experienced technicians at Mobile Electronics USA. The mapping software is pre-loaded so you need not make a separate purchase to enable mapping or route guidance features. Choose options like spoken directions and routing preferences (such as avoiding toll roads or high-volume city streets) all at no added cost. The feature sets are one of the great examples of how today’s in-dash navigation systems are an incredible value.Years after installation should roads and routes significantly change, map updates are available from the manufacturer for a very moderate one-time upgrade cost and easily installed via USB or SD card. Our helpful team will happily provide details for that whenever the time comes. What you should know for a purchase now is that there are no extra costs or hidden fees. Your in-dash navigation system is ready to go once we install it.

What About My Smartphone’s Maps?

Clients visiting Mobile Electronics USA often ask what differences are provided by an in-dash (installed) navigation system that aren’t already capabilities included on their smartphone’s apps. These are great questions that invite some important responses.
  1. Smartphone maps require packet of data transfer to constantly refresh the screen (and map position). This requires use of your data plan, which can easily increase your monthly bill. Since those data plan charges can vary greatly once your plan is exceeded, this can end up being a costly endeavor if you frequently use that smartphone for your navigation and route guidance needs.
  2. Smartphone mapping apps use the phone’s internal GPS antenna to place its location rather than a separate, outboard GPSantenna. This coverage can be hindered in locations where the phone does not have an optimum view of the sky to receive signal from the GPS satellites. An installed in-dash navigation system uses an outboard, dedicated GPS antenna that our expert installation team places for optimized GPS signal reception. The dedicated GPS antenna maintains a greater accuracy of the vehicle’s position relative to the map icons and the details of the destination (such as time left in route, etc.).
  3. Smartphone screens are typically smaller than the 6.5-7” (or larger) in-dash navigation screens and smartphones also require the user to hold them or have a line of sight mounting solution to easily see the screen. This can create situations where eyes are off the road to focus on the screen and it’s yet another unnecessary distracted driving contributor.
Overall it’s not that smartphones don’t provide an alternative for route navigation while in the car, but we want our clients to know some of the key differentiating factors so they are able to make informed purchase decisions.

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